General information

Nordisk frihed (Nordic Freedom) is the newest party group in the Nordic Council. It was founded in spring 2012 and it has got members from Denmark and Finland. The chairman of the group is Juho Eerola from Finland, and it has seven members altogether.

Nordisk frihed cherished free and democratic Norden where independent national states value their good mutual relationships and co-operate in various fields. We also support the idea of sovereignty of independent states and the citizens's right to have their say in the matters that concern them and their country.


Juho Eerola

Mikkel Dencker

Mika Raatikainen

Henrik Brodersen

  • Member of the Nordic Council in 2007-11, and since 2015
  • Member of the Citizens' and Consumer Rights Committee
  • Spokesman for the Faroe Islands and the postal service of the Danish People's Party
  • Henrik Brodersen's profile at the Nordic Council webpages:

Jan-Erik Messmann

Laura Huhtasaari

Simon Elo

Deputy Members:

Anne Louhelainen
Ari Jalonen
Claus Kvist Hansen
Liselott Blixt
Søren Espersen
Ville Tavio