Nordic Economic Debate in Helsinki

The party group's chairman Juho Eerola is excited and not without reason: "We've got an excellent set of talented speakers which means we will have most intriguing debate. The themes are also very interesting and topical."

The seminar will discuss different economic and monetary policies in the Nordic countries. The Nordic quintet have adopted quite a range of variants: Finland is part of the Eurozone whereas Danish crown is tied to the euro, Sweden has promised to join the single currency one day, and Iceland and Norway – staying outside the European Union – have both kept their own crown. The Icelandic case is especially interesting, not least due to the recent financial crisis which hit the country pretty harshly but which she is now leaving behind quite successfully. In addition to all these actual choices, single Nordic currency is also brought up from time to time.

However, the aim of the Nordisk frihed seminar is not to favour one choice over the others. "Our target is to discuss the topics as widely and openly as possibly, maybe a bit philosophically, too," says Mr Eerola. "For us, the most important thing is to cherish debate and discussion about the Nordic economic realities. On the whole, we would like to see Nordic dimension being closer to citizens' everyday life. That is one of the main goals in our group."

The seminar Money and Finances in Norden will take place at the Finnish National Museum auditorium on 13th September from 9 until 12 o'clock. You can register for the event on