Nordic Freedom took part in the annual session of the Nordic Council in Reykjavik

Foto: Magnus Fröderberg/

This year the Icelandic capital hosted the annual session of the Nordic Council. Nordic Freedom participated with six of the group’s members. The current refugee crisis was high on the agenda, and the members of Nordic Freedom participated with some sharp opinions in the debates. Many of the Members that participated in the session took part for the first time. They did, however, participating lively in the discussions and debates. A reasoning that several of the group’s members brought up during the debates with, among others, the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and UN Under-Secretary-General Christian Friis Bach, was that the Nordic countries should focus on helping refugees in the adjacent areas rather than relocating large amounts of people to the Nordic countries. Members also criticised Löfven’s proposal of the relocation of asylum seekers from Sweden to other Nordic countries.

Mikkel Dencker was elected Vicepresident of the Nordic Council in 2016, where Denmark has the presidency. It is an important post in the Nordic Council, and achieving this post is an important milestone for the group, especially considering that the group has only existed for a few years.