Nordic Freedom conference 23.10.2015 on occupational cancer among firefighters


On 23 October at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen, Nordic Freedom in cooperation with Brandfolkenes Cancerforening hosted a conference on the high risk of occupational cancer among firefighters. Nordic Freedom’s Liselott Blixt hosted the conference, and she had the aim of drawing attention to the fact that firefighters are exposed to a considerable cancer risk in connection with their efforts to put out fires to save lives and property. The lawmakers are not doing nearly enough to secure counselling, treatment and workers’ compensation for occupational cancer.

A number of the most respected experts in the field took part in the conference, among them both experienced firefighters from Canada, which is a pioneering country in relation to securing better conditions for the nation’s firefighters, as well as scientists from Finland and Denmark. Among the spectators were a large number of firefighters and family members, who have experienced occupational cancer up close.

- It has never been more dangerous being a firefighter. New materials, increased use of different forms of plastics in the production of furniture and dangerous electronics causes an extremely dangerous combination of toxic and cancerous substances to be released during a modern fire, which increases firefighters’ risk of becoming seriously ill. The legislation and the possibilities for getting the necessary assistance and compensation has not developed accordingly, and that is highly objectionable. That is why we want to raise this issue on a Nordic level through the Nordic Council and hopefully pressure the Nordic