Nordic Freedom’s Summer Meeting in Pori – the group discussed the occupational conditions of firemen

Nordic Freedom held its summer meeting on 2-3 August in Pori. An important theme of the meeting was the cancer risk that firemen face due to their work. The group visited the Rescue Department of Satakunta region where it received demonstrations of rescue operations and became familiar with the precautions that are taken in order to lessen cancer risk caused by the usage of dirty equipment.

Nordic Freedom has written a Member Initiative in the Nordic Council on reimbursement of occupational cancers in firemen. The question of reimbursement of cancers has been discussed in the Nordic countries but unfortunately the classification of occupational cancers in firemen is still underdeveloped in Nordic countries in comparison to. situation e.g in the North America.

The group also visited Pori Town Hall where it heard about governing of the city and about the interesting history of the Town Hall.

Jan Erik Messman ja Mikkel Dencker Porin kaupungintalolla.
Jan Erik Messman and Mikkel Dencker at Pori Town Hall.