The Nordic Freedom Defended Unity of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Nordic Council Plenary Session

Photos: Magnus Fröderberg/, Johannes Jansson/

The Nordic Council convened in Copenhagen to its 68. plenary session during the first days of November. The membership application of the Faroe Islands to the Nordic Council became the hottest topic of the session. The Faroe Island is represented in the Nordic Council above its size as part of the Danish delegation. The Faroe Island now left its fourth application to the Council.

The Nordic Freedom took the stand that as an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark Faroe Islands do not have the right to enter into international agreements independently. "The relationship between Denmark and Faroe Island is like a marriage", Mikkel Dencker described, "which means that the couple forms its agreements together, not as separate entities." The matter is next handled in the Presidium of the Council.

Furthermore, there were several other topics that the Nordic Freedom discussed during the session. The Nord Stream 2 project stirred debate between Juho Eerola and members of the Council. Juho Eerola did not see the project as a security threat as some other members did. On the contrary the project would boost the difficult employment situation in the Kotka region. "The project would bring 400 new jobs to the area", Eerola assured.

At the end of the session Juho Eerola was elected the new vice-president of the Nordic Council – the position that was previously held by Mikkel Dencker.

One of the most important issues for the group in the coming year is to further Finnish and Islandic delegations' application for the acceptance of Finnish and Islandic as working languages of the Nordic Council.