Nordic Freedom discussed the Trump administration in the Nordic Council theme session

photo: Magnus Fröderberg/

The theme session of the Nordic Council was held in Stockholm on 3-4 April 2017. The theme of the session was relations between the US and the Nordics. The Nordic Freedom argued that the Nordic countries should strengthen their mutual relations. "It is important to maintain good relations between the US and the Nordic countries, but there is no use in exaggerating the changes Trump's administration will bring forth", Juho Eerola argued . "After all, Trump had some good themes in his campaign like criticism against the political elite as well as patriotism."

The Nordic Freedom strived to advance the establishment of an Immigration Policy Group to the Nordic Council. "We need this sort of a group for there is need to align immigration legislation in the Nordic countries. "One country should not be more attractive than another", Juho Eerola outlined.

Jan Erik Messman talked in the session about antibiotic resistance that is threatening public health of the world. The Council adopted a white book that presents a Nordic strategy to combat antibiotic resistance. "Experts estimate that in 2017 already half a million people will die because of antibiotic resistance. The Nordic countries will have to allocate economic resources for development of new, more effective antibiotics", Messman stated.

Nordic Freedom submitted a Members' proposal about increased cooperation between Nordic reservists. "In the current security policy environment we need to strengthen the cooperation between Nordic countries and voluntary defence cooperation is an excellent way to advance it", Chairman of the Finns Party Youth Samuli Voutila, that was came up with the idea for the proposal, outlined.

Committee for Knowledge and Culture discussed the proposal to accept Finnish and Islandic as official working languages of the Nordic Council. Nordic Freedom supports the initiative.